FMCG Management

A comprehensive turnkey solution for managing sales in FMCG companies:

Promotion management
Budget and input management
Strategic sales planning
TM calendar
Managing the processes of approval of promotional activities and contract terms

Common info space

Store all historical sales data in a single information environment on a secure and scalable platform:


Unified database of networks, distributors and outlets with online updating
Quick access to all historical sales data
Visualization of key indicators in the context of each account in the format of interactive dashboards
Reliable and flexible distinction of data access rights for each user role
​Automatic updating of the networks database and retail outlets according to customized parameters

Maintaining contract terms

Full control of interaction with networks and distributors according to the contract terms:

Maintenance of individual price lists in the context of networks, distributors, and outlets
Maintenance of information on contractual terms with detailing to the level of the retail outlet
Automatic calculation of bonuses upon fulfillment of the terms of the contract by the network or distributor
Storage of the history of changes in individual prices and contract terms
Information about current discounts by SKU, brand, or product category
Automatic consideration of contractual conditions when planning promo activities


Budget Management

Single point of budget management:


Automatic calculation of costs by network or history of promo activities
Budget calculation taking into account contractual terms
Automatic replacement of planned values of budget amounts with actual ones for budgets under contractual terms
Single point of budget recalculation: the system itself will ask the user whether to update the budget when changing the Contract or Sales Plan
Maintain costs by the products
Accumulation of planned and factual costs in a single budget
Maintain budget versions
Relocation of funds
Multi-currency support
​Budget import/export

Promo activities management

Simple and convenient workplace for working with promotional activities:

Interface focused on fast and error-free promo data entering
Calculation of promo effectiveness: pre-configured mechanics or customization without the developer’s involvement
Product-level performance calculation management in promo and promo activityMaintain share costs according to the planned budget and set spending limits
Automatic accounting of contractual conditions when planning promotions for a chain or distributor
​Online tracking of the current situation for all established activities
​Instant access to historical promotion data
Coordination of promo in the system interface
Pre-configured analytics on key indicators in the industry


Marketing Calendar

Visualization of company activity in the form of an interactive calendar:


​Visualization of a calendar of marketing activities for a year with the ability to change the scale from a quarter to a month and a week
Opportunity to display any information from the object card on the calendar element
Maintain multiple calendar views depending on the system partition
Customizable hierarchical structure
​Opportunity to "drill-down" activity details by clicking on a calendar item
Manage promo timing by moving items on the calendar
Ability to analyze TM activities taking into account the activity of competitors

Management of approval processes

Universal tool for managing approval processes in the system using user tools

​Coordination mechanisms setup for any system objects
​Setting the conditions for the start of coordination in the form of dynamic filtering
​Parallel and the serial matching setting
Setting the terms of approval for each participant in the process
​Possibility to change the fields in the object card in different scenarios of approval execution
​Possibility of visa escalation upon expiration of the approval period
​Sending email notifications to process participants



1. Disparate sources of information

Sales management in FMCG usually involves a large amount of data: current and planned promotions, contract terms, shipments, secondary sales, and outlet database. When this data is in different places, it is very difficult to make a consolidated plan/flat analysis, and there is also no way to see the situation throughout the sales department online. FMCG Management stores all of the above information within a single information environment, which solves such problems.

Process image
Process image
Process image
Process image
Process image

Disparate sources of information

Promo efficiency calculation

Long-lasting and complicated promo approval process

Lack of budget control

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