Agro Management

A comprehensive turnkey solution for managing sales in companies

● Interaction with accounts
Customer Lifecycle Management
Product catalogue management
Lead management
Order Management
Document management
Field team management

360° farm profile

Build a quality sales force by always having up-to-date data on the potential of customers, taking into account the land bank and the crops 


Categorization and segmentation of the customer base
Calculation of the client's profitability (sales expenses, accounting for profitability \ margin of orders)
Accounting for the land bank and calculation of the potential of counterparties in various product lines
Accounting for the client's fleet of vehicles, taking into account the year of manufacture and working hours
Keeping information about competitors' products
Client base analytics

Product Management

Keep a comprehensive record of the item in a simple and understandable format

Main products, their analogs, and related products maintenance
Component positions and additional equipment maintenance
​Information about stock balances
Displaying multiple price lists and storing the history of their changes
Maintenance of special characteristics for products (stop sales, promotions, sales focus) with a mandatory action at the manager's visit - to offer the client
Product cost formation depending on the form of payment (prepayment, credit, post-payment


Built-in customer service business process

From identifying a need to repeat sales - keep your finger on the pulse at every stage of working with a client


​End-to-end processing of a lead based on the needs for the company's products/services, detailed by origin and direction
Logical grouping of the required fields in the lead card for its qualification and further processing (vehicle fleet, client's line of business, land area, products/components)
Pre-configured process for mass lead generation for a group of clients
Set up a business process for processing, registering key information about the need, as well as qualification/disqualification of the lead

Order management

Save your time when planning and executing orders through online calculation of transaction efficiency

End-to-end order processing business process from customer receipt to confirmation of delivery or issue of goods, with individual tasks and control over their implementation
Control mechanism for adding a product to an order according to the type of price, terms of sale and project
Algorithm for calculating the order margin in monetary and percentage terms and displaying the final margin for the entire order
Display order manager bonus
Ability to set a discount, both for a separate item in the order, and for the entire order as a whole
Selection of additional equipment and components to order


Unified information environment

Increase customer loyalty through the coordinated work of all company departments related to sales processes


Automatic generation of a commercial offer based on data from the order with a history of document changes
​Management of products/components, prices, discounts, schedule of deliveries and payments, the period of warranty service offered by the manager to the client, as well as the pricing policy of the offer, with subsequent approval in case of exceeding the authority of the manager
Synchronization of sales with the service department to work on related requirements
Pre-configured process for the formation of a request for shipment based on the data of the order / commercial offer
Opportunity to update shipping and delivery dates based on information from the warehouse and logistics department
Analytics of land and real estate through integration with the Vkursi service


1. Separate sources of information

An average sale in Agro lasts from six months, which implies the presence of a large amount of different information: past, current or planned activities, contract conditions, shipments, agreements, and previously agreed conditions. When this data is in different places, it is very difficult to make a consolidated plan/fact analysis, and there is also no way to see the situation throughout the sales department online, especially when this information is in managers' notebooks. AGRO Management stores all of the above information within a single information environment, which solves such problems.

Process image
Process image
Process image
Process image
Process image

Separate sources of information

Field workers waste time on low-profit customers

Lack of an effective tool for planning and operational control of the current state of sales and balances

The manager does not know the size of their bonus of a season

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