Data Management

Calculation of planned indicators based on historical data in the system
Creating data reports without time limits
Unlimited hierarchy levels and calculation columns
Possibility of bottom-up and top-down planning
Construction of graphs according to the constructed plans
Data import and export in Excel format

Key features

Data Management is a turnkey tool for flexible planning and comprehensive reporting. It allows you to visualize data in a tree view for subsequent flexible plan-fact analysis.


Unlimited number of analytical contexts
Possibility to plan any time periods
Presentation of data in display increments from day to calendar year
Possibility to set up an individual hierarchical plan structure
No restrictions on the number of levels and columns in a report
Setting up individual logic for calculating reports using custom tools

Working with historical data
Maintaining the version history of plans, calculations and actual values and the ability to compare them
Cumulative totals for the entire planning period
Build and instantly view dashboards based on the reported data
Import/export data to Excel (instant adjustment of the structure of the uploaded document during export)
Two types of editing rights (for columns and for records)
Highlight rows of levels and cells depending on the values


Convenient Drag&Drop tree structure editor
Linking a profile to an employee with the ability to maintain individual reporting
Ranking of all planned indicators according to a given rule
Selection of the type of planning column depending on the desired display of values (integer or fractional number of 2, 3, 4, 8 characters)
Correction and automatic recalculation of the plan if necessary
Columns reordering, set the preferred width

Manual filling of grid rows: individual records, records by advanced filter, records from a section group
Detailed notifications for errors in the manual construction of calculation columns and deltas
Quick access to basic planning operations on the grid
Manual removal of the grid or its individual elements (and distribution of rights to this action)
Period profiles are pre-configured grid display to choose from: by default (without filtering), for the current period, customized by the user, and the ability to instantly switch between them
Derivation of planning as a separate element of the page using the widget


Use cases

Planning is a multi-purpose tool that a company can use for any task that requires detailed reporting or complex calculations. If you do not see your task in the list below, do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you how this module can be used in your case.


Planned and factual sales figures by amounts, units and other indicators
Calculation of bonuses for managers according to the company's individual calculation logic
Maintaining a free budget for the company
Sales planning based on historical data for previous periods
Basic sales recalculation (FMCG)

Issues and solutions

1. Different data sources

Sales data is maintained in various systems. There is no way to quickly generate a summary report for high-level analysis. It is not possible to see the history of work with clients in the format of sales volumes.
Solution: The system contains all the necessary tools for integration with external systems, including through the API and manually importing data from Excel.

Process image
Process image
Process image
Process image
Process image

Different data sources

Sales history analysis

KPI system

Оnline analytics

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