Unveiling the Innovative World of IT: Insights from Our R&D Leader Vladyslav Lytvynchuk

Unveiling the Innovative World of IT: Insights from Our R&D Leader Vladyslav Lytvynchuk

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the IT industry, research and development (R&D) play a vital role in driving innovation and shaping the future of businesses. At Sales'Up, we have a dedicated R&D team that not only works with clients but also focuses on developing new solutions, particularly within the Creatio ecosystem. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the world of R&D with our R&D Leader Vladyslav Lytvynchuk!

Role Overview

As an R&D specialist in our IT company, our expert plays a pivotal role in managing our products, generating new ideas, and improving existing solutions. Their main source of inspiration stems from the adoration our customers have for our products. The valuable feedback we receive constantly drives us to enhance our apps further. "I follow a lot of pages on social media dedicated to recent trends in the world of IT in order to always stay up-to-date" says Vlad.

Exploring Emerging Technologies and Trends

Vladyslav highlights the significance of no/low-code development as an emerging trend. "By utilizing the Creatio platform as our primary workspace, we can swiftly develop and enhance systems for our clients and Sales'Up. This approach really empowers users to create new sections within the system independently, eliminating the need for developer intervention and enabling the construction of both simple and complex features through a convenient wizard."

Recent successes

While Vlad primarily contributes to various projects by incorporating our solutions, one particularly memorable experience involved collaborating with AMD. The project aimed to automate their sales processes, including the calculation of indicators and the creation of multiple system objects. Leveraging the power of Data Management for Creatio, our specialist effectively navigated the complex workflow and task resolution requirements. The seamless communication and collaboration between the SalesUp Team, Creatio team, and AMD team resulted in a fruitful and enjoyable outcome!

Challenges of R&D

The R&D specialist identifies the uncertainty associated with client tasks as one of the biggest challenges in their field. Vlad admits: "Sometimes, unique or complex tasks require comprehensive research and may necessitate integrations with external applications. This requires thorough evaluation and communication with the client". A notable example was the collaboration with a SMS provider for the development of our Multichannel Bulk Messaging app.


According to our expert, hard skills such as proficiency in programming languages like SQL, C#, and JavaScript are essential for R&D professionals. Additionally, familiarity with JavaScript frameworks like Angular can provide a significant advantage. Equally important are soft skills, especially the ability to work effectively within a team. Excellent communication skills are also vital, as R&D specialists frequently interact with customers, partners, and various departments within the company.

For Aspiring R&D Professionals

For individuals aspiring to pursue a career in R&D within the IT industry, Vladyslav offers valuable advice: "Do not hesitate to explore new technologies and programming languages. Rather than simply following trends, you should focus on learning and mastering technologies that genuinely excite you. Be sure, this passion and curiosity will fuel continuous learning and innovation".