The most viewed Marketplace products in October 2023

The most viewed Marketplace products in October 2023

Today we would like to share some interesting statistics on the number of views of our top Marketplace products! 

SalesUp Multichannel Bulk Messaging for Creatio is a versatile product that allows you to stay connected with your clients and is designed for sending one-time bulk messages via various communication channels, such as:

  1. SMS;
  2. Mobile apps;
  3. Social media;
  4. Messengers.

The product allows you to plan, create and manage project tasks, monitor their progress, respond quickly to deviations from the schedule and changes in the priority of tasks using a convenient view in the form of Gantt chart and Kanban board.

Sales'Up Data views for Creatio product makes it possible to display records of any system objects in unusual formats. Displaying data in formats different from the register makes it possible to analyze them faster and more conveniently, the data becomes more coherent, without the need to study it in detail.

Currently, there are 2 types of views available: Gantt Chart and Kanban Board.