🚀 Successful case of our client Vav Synergy!

🚀 Successful case of our client Vav Synergy!

We are excited to share the extraordinary experience of the number one company in official employment in Europe, Vav Synergy, which utilizes our product SalesUp Multichannel Notifications for Creatio to automate their processes.

🛠 Thanks to the implementation of our product, Vav Synergy was able to automate the publication of messages about current job vacancies in their Telegram channel. This allowed the company to quickly inform their audience about new opportunities and ensure timely communication with candidates.

As a result: increased efficiency, improved interaction, process optimization.

🔗 Learn more about the capabilities of the channel provided by our product at the link, or on TikTok

🎉 Congratulations to Vav Synergy on such fantastic results, and thank you for trusting our solutions!