SalesUp Text field autofill for Creatio has received new update V1.1.0

SalesUp Text field autofill for Creatio has received new update V1.1.0

We're excited to announce the latest release of our software, packed with powerful features and enhancements to empower your workflow. Here are the key highlights:

Configurable Variable Substitution in String Templates

We've added a highly requested feature that allows you to configure variables for substitution in string templates, similar to notifications. This enables you to personalize and customize your templates dynamically, enhancing the user experience.

Select Columns of Different Types from Related Objects

Now, you have the ability to select columns of different types from related objects, specifically in the context of the Order product category. This feature offers more flexibility in data retrieval and analysis, providing a comprehensive view of your business processes.

Aggregation of Indicators

To streamline data analysis, we've introduced the ability to aggregate indicators. For example, you can now calculate the total amount of all products within an account, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your business performance at a glance.

Sorting and Filtering Related Objects

Managing large datasets becomes easier with the new sorting and filtering capabilities for related objects. You can now sort and filter based on specific criteria, such as the date of the last shipment under a contract with an amount exceeding 100K. This empowers you to focus on the most relevant information for efficient decision-making.

Parameter Concatenation for Address Formation

We understand the importance of address formatting, and that's why we've introduced parameter concatenation. Now, you can easily create addresses by combining the country, region, city, street, and house parameters. If any of these parameters are left unfilled, they will be automatically ignored, ensuring accurate and concise address generation.

Configurable Autonumbering for Records

Say goodbye to manual object numbering! With the new autonumbering configuration, you can implement basic object numbering without any development efforts. Generate sequential numbers for your records effortlessly, such as the order "ORD-0045721." Moreover, you can create different numbering masks based on various conditions, such as the type of application or license request, providing greater flexibility and control.

Incremental Template Components

We've expanded template capabilities by allowing the addition of other components with increments. For instance, you can include the value of the Counterparty column as "ORD-SalesUp-0045721," where the Counterparty value increments dynamically. This feature ensures dynamic and customizable templates to meet your specific needs.

Line Formatting in the New Freedom UI Pages

We're pleased to announce that line formatting is now available on the new Freedom UI pages. Customize the appearance of lines, improving readability and making data presentation more intuitive.

Enhanced Template Customization

You can now set different templates for any objects, while values within the templates will be recalculated on the fly when dependent indicators change. This capability ensures real-time updates and seamless integration with the new interface, providing an optimized user experience.


If you are new to this solution, it is a perfect time to try it out! Visit our Marketplace page and isntall 14-days trial version right now! Our managers will contact you to support with installation and configuration of the application.