Sales’Up is Offering a 24% Discount for its Solutions on the Creatio Marketplace

Sales’Up is Offering a 24% Discount for its Solutions on the Creatio Marketplace

We are happy to announce a special year-end promotion by its partner Sales’Up. Grab a chance to enrich your technological toolkit with a 24% discount on all their Marketplace applications. This offer is valid for new customers and/or existing customers purchasing new products through December 31, 2023.

The promotional deal applies to 19 Marketplace applications when purchased by the end of December with a minimum three-year license agreement. 

Below are highlights of the offerings available: 

  1. SalesUp Data Management for Creatio | Creatio Marketplace – a multi-purpose tool, which allows to visualize data in a tree view for flexible plan-fact analysis.    
  2. SalesUp Internal chats for Creatio | Creatio Marketplace – this module facilitates seamless communication by allowing requests to be sent between main system users (employees) and portal users.    
  3. Data views for Creatio | Creatio Marketplace – enhance your data presentation with alternative formats, including Gantt charts or Kanban boards, for a more comprehensive overview. 
  4. Multichannel notifications for Creatio | Creatio Marketplace – a tool for managing timely notifications across sales tasks, orders, and essential operations where adherence to deadlines is crucial.  

Start your journey to operational excellence by visiting the Creatio Marketplace today. Discover solutions tailored to your business needs and secure a competitive advantage as we approach the new year!