Registration for our new workshop is open!

Registration for our new workshop is open!

Hello everyone!👋

We hope you're starting the new week with great spirits. And to add some excitement, we bring joyful news!
🤩 On next Thursday, Sales'Up will host a workshop!

⏰ When: July 4th, 2024, at 3:00 PM (GMT+3)
✅ Workshop Topic: Promotions Management for Creatio - Handling Campaigns, Discounts, Promocodes, and Certificates
📌 Where: Zoom

Sales`Up Promotions management for Creatio is a solution aimed at automating and simplifying the process of managing campaigns and discounts in business. 🤩

Our agenda includes:
📋 Setting up campaign conditions
🛠️ Configuring campaign types
🎫 Creating promocodes and certificates
📊 Analyzing campaign results
🤖 Automating campaign management processes
✨ Personalizing campaigns

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your business strategy more effective. Join us at the workshop and uncover all the secrets of successful campaign management! 🙌

🔗 Registration is waiting for you here!

See you next week! 😊