Introducing SalesUp Multichannel Notifications for Creatio

Introducing SalesUp Multichannel Notifications for Creatio

Are you tired of missing deadlines and struggling to manage your business processes? Say goodbye to these challenges with SalesUp Multichannel Notifications for Creatio, the ultimate solution to revolutionize your business's productivity and streamline your workflow. 

Key Features

Let's have a look at some of the key features of this versatile solution:

  • Setting up notifications to a specific date: Easily schedule automated notifications for any relevant objects within your system. Never forget an important task or milestone again.
  • Soft-collection and hard-collection workflows: Effortlessly manage your accounts receivables with customized workflows. Stay on top of payments and ensure your cash flow remains healthy.
  • Notifications to account's contacts and system users: Keep everyone involved in the loop. From order execution updates to planning and approval of forecasts, SalesUp ensures effective communication across your entire team.
  • Conditional filters for emails and notifications: Fine-tune your notifications with personalized filters. Send targeted messages to the right people at the right time, increasing efficiency and reducing information overload.
  • Minute-by-minute updates: Stay informed in real-time with minute-by-minute updates. React swiftly to any changes or issues, preventing potential setbacks.

And we are done yet! One of the best things is that our product supports Creatio mobile app as well so that you are able to receive the notification right in your smartphone.

With SalesUp Multichannel Notifications for Creatio, businesses like yours have already transformed their workflow, increased efficiency, and achieved remarkable results. It's time for you to join them.