Data replication and task manager — a new release for Data Management for Creatio v3.6.3

Data replication and task manager — a new release for Data Management for Creatio v3.6.3

Our R&D team has released several new updates for the Data Management for Creatio product, version 3.6.3.

1. Editing indicators in the affregated periods mode

When we look at the data in the aggregated periods mode, it is possible to make changes. In this case, the system will distribute the value according to standard algorithms (equally or proportionally).

2. Data replication

                 When entering data into a cell, if you press not Enter but Shift+Enter, a modal window will appear with additional settings, after confirming that the system will not distribute the entered value down equally or proportionally but will duplicate the entered value in all lower cells.

3. Formulas dates functions

New functions for working with dates have been added which allows more flexible customization of calculation formulas.

4. Lazy loading

When opening the grid, the system does not load data that is not displayed to the user (this could be 10 years to the right). The system loads only the data that is visible on the screen and loads the rest on scrolling, when necessary.

5. Performance

                 A queue for large or many plannings was added to work correctly. To prevent the site from crashing, complex calculations are performed in parallel, but with restrictions so that power remains for other tasks.

6. Task Manager

It is possible to see the tasks that are currently running or are in the queue when the tasks are started and will be completed. Additional information is also available, for example, which indicator is currently being calculated.

7. Fixes

We have fixed several errors mainly in localization and optimization of the product. 

  If you are intrested in this solution and would like to know a bit more about it, visit our Creatio Marketplace page of this product or contact our experts via email to see it in action!