🚀CRM Lab Accelerator: A Successful Launch!🚀

🚀CRM Lab Accelerator: A Successful Launch!🚀

Last Monday, June 3rd, our educational platform dedicated to working with CRM Creatio, CRM Lab Accelerator, successfully commenced!🎉 The course will span three months, and we are already seeing promising results.

We have onboard 17 participants, each paired with a personal mentor to facilitate faster communication and more productive learning. This initiative is led by our experienced instructor, Natalia Shustikova, who has over 10 years of experience in implementing and configuring CRM Creatio. 🙌

What Our Students Have Covered So Far:

  1. Downloading the test CRM Creatio
  2. Overview of the CRM Creatio interface
  3. Customizing corporate branding and workspace settings
  4. Working with the "Contacts" section: adding and removing columns, configuring display settings, and saving preferences for individual or all users
  5. Introduction to the “Accounts” section and its applications
  6. Setting up filters and groups: creating, editing, deleting, and understanding dynamic and static groups

This is just the beginning, but there's already so much new to learn! 🌟

There’s still a lot of interesting and useful content ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!