🚀 Case

🚀 Case "ASTRA" with SalesUp and Creatio! 🎉

📈 We are thrilled to share the successful case of our client - "ASTRA", one of the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery in Ukraine, who made a revolutionary step in automation by implementing the Creatio CRM system. This allowed them to automate the entire customer interaction process - from acquisition to repeat sales.

🌟 Rethinking sales approaches, integration with 1C, Data Management, and utilizing the Field Sales for Creatio functionality transformed their business, ensuring data accuracy and visit efficiency.

🏔 Now "ASTRA" aims for new heights, planning to automate the entire customer journey from acquaintance to after-sales service and scale the system.

🔗 Exciting details of this transformation are available at the link. (https://www.creatio.com/ua/no-code/insights/66601)