Additional level columns and comments — a new release for Data Management V3.7.0

Additional level columns and comments — a new release for Data Management V3.7.0

Our R&D team has released a huge update for Data Management for Creatio, version 3.7.0.

Editing of simple values only

The ability to configure access to data record only in simple lines, while grouping lines are blocked has been added.

For example, the ability to enter planning data only by a specific customer and by a specific product, without the ability to enter values at the customer level with automatic downward distribution.

Additional level columns

Now users can display additional columns for the records of each level in addition to the name, as well as export them to Excel and search for them when importing from Excel.

For example, for a product, display the Code, export it to a file. When importing, the column with the level is not mandatory, the system will search for the record of the level by code, or when there are several records with the same name, but a different code.


This feature is definitely the one you were looking for! Ability to add comments to certain cells of the planning grid is quite relevant if many people work with the same data set. Displaying the author and the time the comment was added, too. You can conduct a dialogue between users in a certain cell and, most importantly, link comments to system object!

Drilldown planning cells

The ability to view the raw data on the basis of which the value of the indicator was calculated and the ability to open a section with data with a pre-configured filter according to which the value was calculated have been added in this release. For example, view the list of orders or shipments based on which the sales fact cell was calculated.

Hiding dashboard data labels

Ability to hide data labels in dashboards with a large amount of data, when they overlap each other and do not look attractive.

Launch planning processes from the section

The ability to run the main planning processes (Update, Calculation and others) from the section line for faster data updating.

+ Automatic update of planning status in the section.

 ...and much more. 

   If you are intrested in this solution and would like to know a bit more about it, visit our Creatio Marketplace page of this product or contact our experts via email to see it in action!